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I care about Scottish and world stuff. I write about:

cooking and baking and eating out; environmental matters – especially cutting down on wicked waste; family characters and stories; flowers and gardening; the Highlands; history and heritage and languages; making our new Scotland; media stories that please or displease me ; righting wrongs; the youth of today – in fact, anything that comes up my humph.

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They talk of little else in Tannochbrae

In the summer, anticipating midgie bites in Ardnamurchan (see Three Nights in Purgatory – A West Highland Odyssey) and with itchy insect bites from the garden giving me gyp, I developed a longing for the calamine lotion of my youth. I remembered the summers spent with splotches of pink dried on my arms and legs and…

The Queen is Dead

This is going to be more stuff about the death of the Queen, as if you haven’t already had enough to be going on with. I don’t think it’ll be either revelatory or revolutionary but the story dominated the UK recently or perhaps it was just the media that went overboard, even before her death…

Three Nights in Purgatory – A West Highland Odyssey

Earlier this month I spent three long nights in a tent in Ardnamurchan on a family trip, having initially refused to go camping “at my age”. I’d got out of such a situation last summer and I tried to put them off again by saying that the only one still speaking to me at the…

Zara Aleena

Zara Aleena was 35 and at the beginning of this month, she died in Ilford, West London after being attacked by a stranger as she walked home in the early hours of the morning. She was only ten minutes away from home when she was dragged into a driveway, robbed, assaulted and beaten. She was…

A Perverse Pleasure or “… the horrid islands of Harris”

The following advice to the traveller comes from The Light of Navigation, produced in Amsterdam in 1612; it was a guide for sailors to Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles and is quoted in Dennis Rixson’s The Hebridean Traveller (Birlinn, 2004): “He that falleth upon anie of these Ilands must looke well to him self,…

“Ever-returning Spring”

“I mourn’d, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.” Walt Whitman wrote When Lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloom’d in April 1865, mourning the death of President Lincoln. What I lament now at the end of springtime is the shortness of the flowering bulb season and I dead-headed each daffodil with a small sliver of…

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