This blog was originally about food in Scotland, and eating out and trying to do something about wasting stuff, not to mention passing on advice to the next generation whether they liked it or not – and they generally didn’t.

I still deal with the topics above but more recently I’ve branched out into dealing with any topic that comes into my head, loosely connected with Scotland, that I’m pleased about or that is deaving me. I’ve described having this blog as a licence to haver, and that still covers it I think.

I made a mistake with the title because I misremembered a family story: it really should be called “Grand, Liza!” but The Loon says I can’t change it now and who am I to argue with him.

As for the writer  –  I’m an ageing feminist who believes that Scotland should be a normal independent country; I fret about the mess we’ve made of the world but a well-made cake, a clean floor or a spring flower can still lift my heart.

I don’t take to do with social media but enjoy reading, among other sites, Bella Caledonia, Talking Up Scotland, Gerry Hassan, Lena the Hyena, Don Roberto and me and Scot goes Pop; I’m not averse to A Very Public Sociologist and oh how I wish the Lallands Peat Worrier would write on his blog again.