To everything there is a season

This used to be true but I spotted my first Christmas item in August and now that Hallowe’en is past, it’s going full throttle.  What happens to the piles and piles of unsold Hallowe’en tat?   I note that plastic pumpkins are now a thing.

Why do we need all this stuff?  Some of the costumes for bairns are really expensive and if you’ve got several to dress up, it must come to a fair sum.  In my day, it was all home-made with apple-dooking and treacle scones.  I blame America – yet again – for commercialising an old festival  –  our old festival, by the way.  And the supermarkets are also in the dock.

I must confess to hollowing out a pumpkin to make my lantern, though in my defence, I used the innards to make soup, mixing them with lentils and adding lots of spices  –  it was ok, nothing special but I couldn’t bring myself to waste the pumpkin bits.  The last time I tried to hollow out a neep, I broke a knife and bent a spoon and gave up.  However, I’ve now watched a lassie on YouTube doing it and she succeeded quite well using a variety of implements, including an apple corer.  Next year, if I’m spared, I’m going to try  carving a neep again, with the toolbox at my side.

Back to the C. word.  I was in a Costa on Thursday there (2 Nov.) and the lassie at the till was wearing a Santa hat.  I asked her if she was going to have to wear it for two months and she said she had it on that day as they were “launching Christmas”.  In the name of the wee man!

I’m someone who’s always loved Christmas and I resent feeling annoyed at the way our faces are being rubbed in it just now.  Fair enough, let’s have dried fruit promoted  for the making of cakes and puddings and maybe the cards could come out in mid-November.  1st December is time enough for all the rest of it.

I want to get back to feeling joy, having something to look forward to in the middle of the long cold.


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